During the last quarter of 2014 we have had participate as a creative support for various companies taking part in different type of tenders. One of these companies is Event Arena, one of the most successfull event agencies in the country, specialised on organizing special events for local or multinational companies. Creative idea, visual part of the project, 3D animations and final design are the tools we used.

RBMA – Red Bull Music Academy. One of our designs for the invitation to well known music educational concept and event,  which was founded by world´s marketing nr. 1 – Red Bull company. 

In the December 2014 we started to work on new marketing strategy and refreshed communication approach for our client Bomton Events – local hairstyling company icon. From corporate to webdesign with simple and clear image, allowing fast instant access, intuitive navigation, fully optimised of course. One of the key marketing tools for 2015 includes many various creative concepts for direct communication with clients. 

B&W Investments, newly established local developer and luxury design furniture producer ordered company corporate design plus re-design of the website.

Up! – that is the name of natural energy feed supplement in liquid form developed by well known czech company Biocen. Good old classic is back on the market, and we are again participating on its relaunch, as we have been for the first time. This time, the task is to completely redesign product package and to prepare whole new launch.  

Prestigious law office HKDW decided to renew the company website during the year 2014. In the autumn, we did it simple way, quite intuitive navigation with accent on fast access and design.

KOPAC – organisation which is consisted of patients, medical and law experts supporting medical cannabis treatment had ordered complete corporate design and website programming. Simplicity and easy access to each of the sections dedicated for specific audience were the main targets.You can check the website.

Lightway, a czech company leading the tubular skylights technology innovates also their marketing and communications. This includes completely new website, which was designed up to the current trends and standards of the digital world. Optimalised on smart technology. We are also finishing various visuals for company´s  prints and ads and also the car park. In parallel we are also programming completely new website dedicated mostly for anglo-saxon world, as a new marketing tool, since the company recently established its branch office in U.K.´s capital London. Taking care about all the company´s neccessities, there is one we are specially proud of. It is the industrial design of crystal dome components of the skylight  tubular technology – collectors and diffusers. These had been carefully produced by most famous glass-blowers in the world, the Czechs. 

Žufánek – very popular brand and well known family distillery ordered new visualisation and campaign concerned its products growing portfolio.   We are also the authors of the new labels presented on each of the type of spirit. 

New developer, which had entered on the market and its clients with a new approach, interesting concept and highly profiled project estates, Modrý Platan company placed an order to design company and project´s corporate, 3D visualisations of the residential area and each of the houses.

After careful preparation we have outline complete marketing strategy for the launch of special anti-age cosmetics for Biocen company. Corporate design and packaging included. This is our current work on company´s unique cosmetic series named Biocenique, which is based on newest scientifical research of marine life.  

There is one travel agency we would like travel with. Amazing Golf is specialized on luxury and exclusive tríps to the world´s top golf resorts. They take their clients on a tour of golf history in the most beautiful golf destinations on Earth. This year we continued to design their season catalogue for 2014 together with other materials for the print and POS campaigns.

Lighway company, a Czech premium producer of tubular lights had ordered campaign visuals and print for its new series of products and components promoted on the local and european markets. This was preceeded by the design and the 3D visualisation, which was conducted in our labs under supervision of Lightway´s development team. Galaxy and Black Star diffusers are a unique concept utilizing pure crystal glass and specific patented design to maximize the distribution of the light spectrum. See clear now!

Our long term partner DAHO – a company specialised in car rental / sales and electromobile business asked us to renew their current website. We suggested utilizing the new trends in web design, including responsive design, smart device optimalisation and precise SEO analysis. DAHO company is built on direct relations with customers and easy access to their services, so we re-invented their web selector and simplified the contact form. Its easy – now just one click, and you can joy the ride!

Working also on various event campaigns, we have some of the favourites. This one is called Allnighters and we are taking care of the design from the early beginnings. Scheduled four times a year this party is about retro music with style – norh wave soul, original funk and disco, rock n roll included with local „ancient“ DJays and friends, and of course all the necessary proprieties of the era included dress code. Generation 1977 – retrofuture NOW!!

For over 20 years we’ve made designs for the music, festival and club scenes, and even today we enjoy returning to this work, especially if involves old friends in the business. For example, the VIP party „Soiré“ by our client Engine took place in the underground parking lot of Prague’s famous Rudolfinum, one of the grandest concert halls in Europe. We designed the invitation using polished aluminum with enamel coloring.

There are conventional types of businesses, and there are original ones. Engine company belongs to the second sort, combining automobile passion with specific services in direct connection. From sales to renewal of mostly classical, exclusive cars, vintage legends or veterans. This company also exclusively distributes the legendary Vespa scooters. We are currently finishing visuals of their salespoint for a fair season. We are also preparing the company claims and visuals for their print campaign Heart Matters. The head design attributes were drawn by hand, and 3D visualised in the second stage.

Having cooperated with Red Bull in previous years, they asked us to present our design vision of the world famous Red Bull Music Academy event taking place this year in Bratislava, Slovakia. We prepared visuals with corresponding theme, using a stylish and particular color scheme and yet a simple composition. This is what we came up with.

Asental – new name in development sector we are taking care of. We have long term experience with this field of business and are well known for that. We are working on their new webpage including design and programming / SEO optimalisation.

2014 brought a new client to our portfolio. Nordic Health company offers many exclusive health preparations and supplements, and is a stable brand on local markets. We’re happy they´ve chosen us to renew their website / e-shop.

Rémy Cointréau asked AD13 to design the Jagermeister T-shirts for this season. We went the way of a modern fashion collection. This demanded a little study and consultations about the precious choice of materials, careful design preparation and so on. But finally, we are proud to say that Jagermeister´s breakthrough on fashion markets is from our hands!

In addition to other jobs for ČKD we have the pleasure to design the company´s profile brochure about the history of the company. This complete monographic book represents serious typographic demands and is composed of 40 pages.

There are more legends we have the honor to work with. One of those is the traditional Czech distillery Zufanek, for which we prepared and outlined completely new bottle and label designs for each type of spirits they produce. Further on we applied these designs and incorporated them into the new visuals for Zufanek ´s advertising campaign.

There are jobs we will never be bored of. Last Christmas we started to develop complete desktop game „This is soccer“, from the scratch. Very complex game needed special attention from concept to carefull choice of materials, and it had serious demands on serial production. Game´s field, player´s figures, ball, and all other game proprieties took us to the ground we were happy to be! Playing daily!

Again – Rémy Cointréau, this time for Jagermeister… finishing their e-shop website with a smart application. The app is optimized, which means it is optimally smart of course!

We´ve had the pleasure of cooperating with local premium developer Crestyl for long time in the past, and we follow the history today currently developing Crestyl´s new project in Prague´s Vrsovice.

Happy to announce newly established cooperation with czech legend ČKD company. We are running the whole account for the complete holding for the first time. The job includes company magazine or   profile monography, which is pretty demanding but interesting experience.

First month of the year we also launched an e-shop website for our client – Rémy Cointréau. This time for its major and successful brand – the well established Jagermeister liquor.

We are happy to join new project for our client BOMTON Group, as we´ve had been successfull in previous cooperation. This time we will be fully responsible for developing their new wedding portal – BOMTON Weddings, which includes design and complete programming, smart device optimisation and SEO.